What Can I Do/ Where Will I Go In My MI Program?

If you were to...

Focus on Social Forestry (a.k.a Forest Social Science)... 

You should consider the "Integrated Social and Ecological Systems", "Social Science, Policy and Natural Resources", and "Sustainable Recreation and Tourism" foci within the Forest Ecosystems and Society degree program.  You should also consider the "Forest Policy Analysis and Management" focus within the Sustainable Forest Management degree program.

Focus on Applied Economics in Forestry and Natural Resources...

Look at OSU's Applied Economics program.

Focus on Silviculture...

Most foci within the Sustainable Forest Management degree program can carry a silvicultural component.

Focus on Forest Products and International Marketing...

 Look at the Wood Science and Engineering degree program.

Focus on Ecology...

Look at "Silviculture, Fire and Forest Health", a focus within the Sustainable Forest Management degree program.  You should also look at most foci within the Forest Ecosystems and Society degree program.   

There may be other options/foci available, depending on your specific interests. When we say "the possibilities are only limited by our imaginations," we mean it.

There are dozens of teaching and research faculty working within our college who may choose to work with you on your MI research: if you can make a connection with a major professor and that professor wants to work with you on an MI program, then we can make it happen!

Here are some locations in the world where you would likely go, and assignments you might receive. MI students can be considered for any of these positions. This list is not exclusive! There are other countries in the world who may choose to have an expert in any of these assignment areas-- the list can change from year to year (just ask our current MI student in Peru).

  • Agriculture and Forestry Extension:  Ethiopia
  • Agriforestry: Ghana, Guinea and Jamaica
  • Community Environmental Development: Dominican Republic
  • Community Environmental Conservation: Panama
  • Environmental Business Advisor: Jamaica
  • Environmental Education: Ecuador, El Salvador, Senegal
  • Environmental Extension: Tanzania
  • Forestry: Ethiopia, Ghana
  • Natural Resource Management: Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania
  • Parks and Wildlife:  Madagascar
  • Protected Area Management: Ethiopia