Program Description

Program Description

The Program Tracks

OSU College of Forestry MI program currently allows a master's degree-seeking student to pursue the following degrees:

Master of Science (MS) degrees in Sustainable Forest Management.

Master of Science (MS) degree in Wood Science

Master of Science (MS) degree in Forest Ecosystems and Society.

Master of Science (MS) or Master of Arts (MA) degree in Applied Economics.

Master of Forestry (MF) degree is also an option for some concentrations and with the approval of a major professor.

Each degree offers a variety of concentrations which are described here:


Applied Economics is described separately here:


As you can see, what we offer as an MI program includes all the options that our 2-plus-year resident (i.e. not MI) students have available and broadly encompass forestry/natural resource management themes.

The Forestry PCMI coordinator can work with you to determine where the most appropriate fit is for you, and can suggest those faculty who might serve as your academic major professor.

In conjunction with your graduate degree program, you'll be preparing for and ultimately in Peace Corps service within the "Forestry and the Environment" sector. We'll work to add into your set of courses those that will benefit you as someone who'll be working internationally, in the Peace Corps; we'll also create an environment in which you'll be exposed to returned Peace Corps volunteers who can help you prepare for your 27-month overseas experience.